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Working with Alek and Brian has been, without a doubt, the easiest, most pleasant and most fun “work” I’ve ever done.  Beyond being super talented and great at what they do, they go above and beyond to help their client.  They answered every and any question I had in full detail, were so supportive and interested in the project, which, in turn, made me excited about the project.  This is a solid, solid team with boatloads of talent and awesome personalities.  I’m so happy I found them and can’t wait to recommend them.  Serious.

Katie O’Sullivan, The Green Product Junkie

Katie didn’t want the typical “green” approach to natural products, she wanted a brand that said these products were still high end. We wanted the brand to have the same energy and spirit you hear in the reviews on her blog. Like her blog, the logo also became a window to these products.