TerraVelo Tours

Brand, Logo, & Website Design

Madonna+Child has been a dream to work with. Alek and Brian perfectly conceptualized the visual representation of our brand, and we couldn’t be more pleased. They meet deadlines better than any other company we work with, and are incredibly responsive to our needs. Hiring M+C is one of the best decisions we have made as a company and we expect to work with them for many years.

David & Rebecca, TerraVelo Tours

TerraVelo Tours came to us with the unique idea of pairing cycling tours with a high-end luxury camping experience. To make sure the brand could convey both of these ideas, we found that the tent image hidden in the framework of a bicycle allowed us to say both biking and camping in the most direct way possible using an nuanced aesthetic. For the brand, combining the use of serif and bold condensed typefaces paired with expansive photography enabled us to take that duality throughout all of TerraVelo’s materials.